Obliterate the stump remnants of chopped trees – allowing you to free up the space in your woodland area – with the simple and effective method of stump grinding. In the midst of a construction job, but work has been haulted due to the uneven ground created by tree stumps? Field & Forest have been supplying stump grinders for purchase and to hire for years, providing solutions for domestic and commercial purposes across Scotland – and we can solve yours too.

Proud to supply renowned brand, Jo Beau, Field & Forest Machinery Ltd’s products are all manufactured in accordance with EU ruling and come with a CE certificate. When purchased, our stump grinders come with a user manual and list of spare parts.

We offer two types of stump grinder – compact and track-wheeled – which can be applied to your particular issue. Simply contact us today and our professional advisors can consider your situation and offer the best plan of attack with the right stump grinder for you or your business.

Feel free to visit our premises, where we can give you a demo of your preferred model – teaching you the tips and tricks to ensure you get the best results from your purchase or hire of a stump grinder from Field & Forest.