Here at Field & Forest Machinery, we have been supplying industry standard mulchers to a myriad of different clients for years. Whether it’s a new model or one of our refurbished mulchers, there’s something for every person looking to create mulch for either domestic or business purposes.

Clearing vegetation or overgrown plantlife can prove incredibly difficult without a professional mulcher, making it a wise investment for those working in areas with frequently wild terrains. Our mulchers prove popular with construction companies, allowing them to clear excessive overgrowth, creating a space for new building sites.

Mulchers can tackle a wide variety of different plant types, including bramble, rhododendron and gourse . Most models work with toothed high-performance V-belts transmission, sporting expertly reinforced bodies that will withstand all weathers and terrains.

There are many benefits to be gleaned from mulching, starting with the fact that mulching takes up to 60% less time than simply collecting grass and brush. With the combination of this and the fact that machine eliminates the time required emptying the grass box and finding somewhere to put errant heaps of grass.

The wasted clippings from a typical half-acre lawn equates to 4.5 tonnes of grass clipping each summer season. This then equates to as much as 55 kilograms of nitrogen, which is as beneficial to your lawn’s appearance and growth as purchasing and applying commercial fertiliser to your grass. These clippings also contain other important elements such as iron, magnesium and calcium, which also contribute to the overall health of your grass.

Contact us here at Field & Forest Machinery Ltd today, where our expert staff will be on hand to discuss your hire or purchase of a mulcher from our product range. We can also assist you with demos of a chosen model, allowing you to get a feel for its performance.