Stump grinders are extremely effective power tools used to remove tree stumps with a rotating disc that chips away at the wood. Removing the old stumps of chopped down trees will free up the space in your woodland area, yard or garden, allowing you to complete your construction job without disruption. Here at Field & Forest, we are proud to be long-term suppliers of stump grinders for purchase and hire, no matter whether they are needed for domestic and commercial purposes.

We stock stump grinders by renowned forestry machinery manufacturers such as Bandit and Jo Beau. We offer two compact, track-wheeled stump grinders by Jo Beau, the B31-110 and the B13-90, while our four Bandit stump grinders are capable of tackling almost any problem. With its 25-horsepower engine, the self-propelled HB20 is ideal for small to medium stumps, while the professionals’ favourite the 2900T is equipped to remove large stumps quickly and efficiently.

All of our stump grinders are manufactured in accordance with EU regulations and come with a CE certificate, along with a user manual and a list of spare parts should you purchase your stump grinder.

If you are interested in our stump grinders, simply contact us here at Field & Forest today and our professional advisors can advise you of the best stump grinder for your needs. You can even visit our premises should you want to see a demonstration of your preferred model of stump grinder so you can learn how it works before you buy.