1390XP – 13″ and 15″ Drum Chipper


The 1390XP compact wood chipper comes in two seperate versions, a 12″ and a 15″. It has an efficient hydraulic feed, with an oversized drum and a large chipper opening to improve production. The engine size range from 84Hp to 142Hp depending on the version and optional engine choice.

The larger drum on the 1390XP allows material to be chipped on the bottom half, and ‘with the grain’ of the wood. This will reduce fuel consumption, vibration, and require less horsepower to chip larger diameter material. A larger diameter drum also turns slower than a smaller drum, which increases torque and provides a smoother, more efficient chipping action, improving the life of the machine.

The 1390XP is very versatile, with a number of additional options that will increase production, and save operational time and money. Features like a reversing auto feed, hydraulic lift cylinder, hand crank swivel discharge, and a hydraulic winch can be added to this unit.

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