2290XP – 20″ Drum Chipper

(Towable + Tracked)

The 2290XP is the most compact whole tree chipper in the Bandits’ range. The 2290XP is highly versatile with multiple variations and options that will simplify the process and improve the production. The multiple engine options allows you to have between 275Hp and 350Hp, and it capable of producing 45 tons per hour. The 2290XP also feature a replaceable knife holder drum. This set-up allows you to switch the drum head from bolt-in to babbited knives. Babbited knives allow for a specific chip size to be set, in order to meet the specifications of certain wood energy plants or other applications. The 2290XP is ideal for chipping tops and brushy material, either in traditional logging operations or land clearing projects, and it’s a great combination of size, production, performance and price.

Capacity 20 in 50.80 cm
Average Trailer Load Time 35-40 min
Opening 26.25 in  x  24.50 in 66.67 cm  x  62.23 cm
Width 98 in 248.92 cm
Height 139 in 353.06 cm
Length 360 in 914.40 cm
Weight 33000 lbs 14968.55 kg
Weight w/ Cab 42000 lbs 158987.29 kg
Weight w/ Loader 42000 lbs 158987.29 kg
Weight w/ Cab and Loader 51000 lbs 193056 kg
Feed Rate 120 ft/min 36.58 m/min
Fuel Tank 130 gl 492.10 l
Hydraulic Tank 85 gl 321.76 l

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