Unique design creates a clean cut by gripping the tree and pulling it across a fixed blade.

Able to cut 10″ Hardwood and 12″ Softwood

Optional attachments:

  • Delimber – 1st easily controlled delimber on the market for excavators. The shape of the delimber gives some room for the shear to tilt during the lifting motion. This makes the motion smooth, fast and simple.

*Delimber doesn’t require and extra hydraulics or electricity

  • Extension Beam – 110cm (200kgs; for over 13 ton excavators) and 80cm (150kg; under 13 ton excavators)
  • Collector – Collector works automatically, until the bunch is dropped from the grip. One electric valve is needed to let the trees fall from the collectors grip. Greatly increases productivity and efficiency.

Please see further specs below:

Please see the video below:

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