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Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro

This Hahn HFP160 processor is in immaculate condition and has only done approx. 120 tons, ready for work.

Please see details and specifications below.

The Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro is an attachment that turns your skid steer loader, compact track or wheel loader, or excavator into a full function, high production, firewood processor. When installed on a suitably equipped carrier, the HFP160 can pick up a log off the ground or deck, cut the log into lengths up to 20” (optional 28”), and split those lengths into 4, 6, or 8 pieces of firewood. Furthermore, since the processor is mobile, the wood can be deposited on the ground or directly into trucks, trailers, bins or onto a conveyor.

The HFP160 requires only one operator and one machine so, when compared to conventional firewood processing systems, production costs are dramatically reduced and, since all functions are performed from the operator’s cab, job safety is greatly enhanced.

  • Length                                       130” (330.2cm)/long fame 138” (350.5cm)
  • Width                                       52” (132cm)
  • Height                                       43” (109 cm)
  • Weight                                      2050lbs (916kg)/long frame 2050lbs (930kg)
  • Hydraulic Requirements                90 litres per min/2800 psi (75.71 liters/193 bar)

3 connections (1-pressure, 1-return, 1-case drain)

  • Control System                           Solenoid operated valves mounted on the processor and

a detachable control harness with two 4-button control pads and one 12vdc power plug.

Digital programmable controller

  • Max Log Diameter                       16” (40.64cm)
  • Log Lengths                               6ft to 14ft (1.8m to 4.27m)
  • Firewood Cut Lengths                  Std Frame 16” (40.64cm) & 20” (50.8cm)

Long Frame 24” (60.96) & 28” (68.6cm)

  • Saw Bar                                     2.0mm/.080 18H harvester; 25” Long (642mm)
  • Saw Chain                          .404HX Harvester
  • Saw  Motor                                Bent Axis, Piston Type
  • Saw Oiler                                   Automatic with 2.5gallon (9.46 liter) bar oil reservoir,
  • Splitter Cylinder-Bore x Stroke      4” x 24” (10.16cm x 61cm); “-24 models”- 4”x32”
  • Splitter Cylinder Rod Diameter      2-3/4” (7cm)
  • Splitter Force @ 2800psi (193bar)  High Power Mode: 35,000lbs (15.880 metric tons)

High Speed Mode: 16,650lbs (7.56 metric tons)

  • Split Speed (@ 20.gpm & 24”       High Power Mode: 2.6 seconds (24” stroke cyl)

High Speed Mode: 1.85 seconds (24” stroke cyl)

  • Retract Speed @ 20gpm               2.06 seconds (24” stroke cyl)
  • Splitting Heads                           Hydraulically adjustable 6-wayIn-Feed                        Roller chain conveyor w/ powered spike roller assist
  • Mounting                       Fits Universal Quick-hitch mounts common to most skid steer                                                            loader (SAE Spec J2513).

**Can be adapted to fit small wheel loaders and excavators

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