What can REGON Firewood Processors do for you?

Firewood processors are just one of the essential tools used in the forestry, wood-fuel and agricultural industries. At Field and Forest Machinery Ltd, we have a range of different processors that are suited to meet your needs.

We offer affordable, reliable pieces of equipment, that are easy-to-use and technologically advanced. With the REGON Firewood Processors, you know that you are safe in the hands of experts, with the Finnish company having over sixty years’ worth of experience under their belts.

R1: PTO + Electric

The R1 PTO + Electric models of firewood processors are able to process timber from first thinning up to 25cm in nice straight lengths. They each have a hydraulic drive and built in log lift, helping to increase efficiency. This type of power also means they are more lightweight, and safer than other forms of power. They feature a 6 ton splitting force, with a range of blades, so it can be adjusted to the needs of the task at hand. They are long-lasting, without the need to adjust or replace belts, and are fitted with a variable speed chain and slat discharge conveyor. They are simple to clean and maintain, and their compact size means they can be easily transported and stored away.

R1 Towable

With all the features of the R1 PTO + Electric models, the R1 Towable models do what it says on the tin. You can attach these models to your car or other forms of transport in order to tow them to wherever you need them to be. Whether empty or filled with logs, they make for smooth transition – useful when working on big grounds where logs need depositing in specific locations. See the full specifications for details about the TR Hydraulics, PTO Shaft Driven, and Electric models of the R1, including the R1 Towable here.

R2: PTO + Electric

The R2 PTO + Electric model offers all the benefits of the R1 models and more. This model is better for those who need to process both hard and softwood timber. It is the recommended option for professional users, featuring a 4m long slewing conveyor for added convenience and proficiency. It incorporates a handlebar to control a range of functions, including an auto-stop for the in-feed for additional safety precautions. The splitting and saw functions can stop by simply lifting the safety guard, and there are light indicators for opening. Once sawed, the log shifts appropriately into the splitting chamber. See the full specifications for the R2 model here.


If you need to hire our REGON Firewood Processors, look no further than Field and Forest, and contact us today. They are available for both short and long-term use and are available both new and used.

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