Five Reasons for Using Tree Shears

Tree shears are a fundamental piece of equipment for the forestry industry. As well as for use for recycling and agriculture, there are many reasons why you might need to hire our Finnish TMK tree shears.

Time and time again, the TMK tree shear proves it has superior quality when it comes to clearing trees, as well as its other tree-cutting functions. You know that you’re sure to have a smooth cut, whatever the application for which you need them. Here we highlight five main reasons why you would need to use our tree shears.

The Health of the Tree

The most obvious reason for removing a tree is when the tree is dead. However, it may also be necessary to take action if the tree is unhealthy. Is the tree top dying back, or is this happening to the branches? You might also look at the trunk for signs of decay. Interior decay can also be evidence of structural problems. Check for cracks in the main trunk or leaders – this careful, considered analysis will help you evaluate whether a tree needs clearing.

Tree Damage

Decay can occur as a result of unfortunate natural processes due to fungal diseases, such as heart rot. However, there may environmental factors that lead to tree damage. For example, if a tree is struck by lightning, or generally damaged in a storm from strong winds, it may be the case that the tree is damaged beyond repair and requires removing.

Danger to Other Trees

Sometimes trees can become diseased, or infested with insects. This kind of problem leads to tree death. But why wait until the tree dies? If left unattended, trees with this problem can be a danger to other trees. The problem could spread to other trees and mean that more trees are culled that previously necessary. In the interest of forestry protection, it is important to nip it at the bud and remove problem trees like this as soon as possible.

Tree Growth

Whilst tree growth can seem like a positive thing, it can also be a hindrance. This may be due to aesthetic or practical reasons, such as a tree growing too large in your garden that is it blocking the view from your window, or it is creating too much shade over your lawn. Similarly, depending on the type of tree, it may drop leaves, needles, sap, seeds, cotton, or even branches, and therefore require maintenance. Furthermore, it could be that the tree’s growth is posing a threat to your house or other structures, or that it is leaning in a direction that could be potentially dangerous if it growths any further, or if it should fall. On the other hand, it could also be killed or damaged by heavy equipment on construction sites and may need removing to avoid this problem.


In addition to actually removing the tree, you may want to prune trees. Whether you want to improve the appearance of garden trees, help the tree grow, or encourage fruit production, there are lots of benefits from removing tree limbs as opposed to clearing the whole tree.


If you need to hire tree shears, look no further than Field and Forest Machinery Ltd, and contact us today.


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