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GMT Equipment Fly Jibs

Discover the benefits of the GMT Fly Jib

With a GMT Fly Jib you can easily install a GMT grapple saw on the knuckleboom crane of your truck, on your telehandler or on your excavator. This crane extension is needed to ensure free movement and a 360 degrees rotation of the grapple saw, when the crane is in an upright position. In addition, the Jib provides useful extra reach.

GMT Jib for Knuckleboom Cranes

With a GMT Fly Jib you can easily install a GMT grapple saw on the knuckleboom crane of your truck. It also prevents the grapple saw from hitting the crane beam when the crane is in almost upright position.

GMT Jib for Telehandlers

With a GMT Jib for a telehandler you can easily install a GMT grapple saw onto your rotating telehandler. The Jib has been specially designed for tree work: all hoses and specific components are well protected when moving into the canopy of a tree.

GMT Folding Jib

When utilising the GMT035 (without TTC), the GMT Folding Jib might be an interesting option. It allows you to disconnect the grapple saw, rotator and link in one go with a quick connector. The Fly Jib can then easily be retracted into the upper section of the crane.

GMT Jib for Excavators

As mentioned, the GMT grapple saw must be able to swing freely and rotate 360 degrees. Therefore, an extension arm must be manufactured in preparation of installing the GMT grapple saw to an excavator too. Since there are a lot of variables, we do not have a standard Jib for excavators, but we will supply you with a custom made one, welded on a bolt-on crane tip.

Why a GMT Fly Jib

  • Attach your GMT grapple saw to any knuckleboom crane, telehandler or excavator
  • Make your truck with knuckleboom crane or your telehandler more versatile
  • Robust design: long lifespan

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