Why Regon Firewood Processors are the perfect product for you

Here in Britain, we’re no stranger to the cold and freezing spells that accompany the autumn, spring and winter months; it seems like we rarely get much warm weather during the year! Having a supply of firewood for yourself, or being in the business of producing firewood for others, can be a fruitful enterprise; there’s seemingly no end to the demand for good quality firewood that can be used in all manner of log burners. That’s why a Regon Firewood Processor could be the perfect product for you, with log burning fireplaces becoming an ever-popular choice due to the rising costs of home energy bills.

Who are Regon?

A Finnish manufacturer of firewood processors, Regon have over 60 years of experience in the industry, both producing and distributing high quality, durable firewood processors. The company use 3D modelling techniques as well as laser and robot technology in order to develop and manufacture some of the smallest but highly advanced machines currently available on the market. Their firewood processors are designed around the ideals of efficiency and durability, so the firewood processors can handle the repeated stresses that come with cutting logs down to firewood size.

What can Regon Firewood Processors do?

The Regon Firewood Processor range can handle of firewood processing, from small jobs to large production jobs depending on your needs as a firewood distributor or even as a homeowner. They manufacture machines that are both fixed and towable, meaning the firewood processors can be moved directly to the site of where the lumber has been cut down or kept in a fixed location waiting for the lumber to be delivered; all of this is completely dependant on what you, the consumer, needs. The R1 and the R1 towable firewood processors from Regon can process straight lengths of timber with a maximum diameter of 30cm, as well as having a hydraulic log lift, a 6-ton splitting force and multiple splitting blades. The R2 Firewood Processor is viewed as the more heavy-duty machine, as it has the capability of splitting logs up to a diameter of 38cm. It also has an extra hydraulic in-feed roller, a 4-meter-long slewing conveyer and a power-steered, multi-function handle bar, perfect for large production jobs that process large quantities of timber into firewood.

Who can use Regon Firewood Processors?

With the correct training, anyone can use a Regon Firewood Processor. It may be that you’re a homeowner who wants to produce their own firewood rather than purchasing it from outside companies; it could work out cheaper for you to purchase the timber and process it yourself. Regon Firewood Processors, although a good fit for the home owner, are truly at home with companies looking to manufacture firewood on a large scale. Their mass-production features which speed up the log manufacture process are excellently suited for companies who distribute firewood to homeowners with log burning stoves. Regardless of the needs of your company, you’ll find that Regon Firewood Processors will fit the bill.

If you’re looking to invest in a Regon Firewood Processor, be sure to browse our range of Regon products; we’re sure you’ll find one perfect for your needs. If you have any questions about the Regon range we supply, or if you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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