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GMT Grapple Saw Total Tree Control System

Grapple saws GMT035 and GMT050 enable trees to be removed in sections. Flexible, tension-free grasping, sawing and controlled felling. These grapple saws have proven themselves for more than 10 years in a variety of situations. The product range includes grapple saws with the Total Tree Control (TTC) system. The GMT035 TTC and GMT050 TTC have been designed to enable tree sections to be held after sawing; this not only blocks the tilt cylinder of the grapple saw, but also the multidirectional movement of the Cardan suspension. With just one push of a button, tree sections can be grasped flexibly and removed in a fixed position! There are no limits to holding sawn-off tree sections, but for safety reasons, the maximum permitted workload of the crane on your carrying vehicle is pre-set at the factory. The design and operation is patented.

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GMT Grapple Saws

Without technical adjustments, the GMT grapple saw can be mounted on any crane, making your basic machine more widely usable! You can maintain and remove trees more efficiently and safely using our grapple saws. The unique combination enables smaller sections of a tree to be removed and to be cleared away immediately. Therefore, directly off the tree into a container or chipper without touching the ground and causing damage by falling wood. This means fewer man-hours, making the GMT grapple saw a profitable investment.

■ Makes your basic machine more widely usable
■ Fast work process, ideal for use in cities, along roads, railways and waterways
■ Suitable for wet conditions, even under water
■ Trees can be shortened when in either vertical or horizontal positions
■ Minimum noise nuisance through the use of hydraulics
■ Up to 60% savings in man-hours and materials
■ Easy change of equipment with our quick coupler
■ Minimal clearing work after felling GMT050 grapple saw on a Ritter skidder

The advantages

■ No additional hydraulic lines and/or electric control cables are required because of the patented valve block
■ Saws only when the grapple has reached maximum clamping power
■ Wide range: cutting diameters from Ø 5 cm to Ø 50 cm
■ Grapple saw is unlimitedly rotatable: saw from every position around the tree or branch
■ Low weight
■ Robust design: minimal maintenance and long lifespan
■ Balanced saw for maximum cutting speed
■ Tree parts can be flexibly grasped and held in a fixed position after cutting


GMT Grapple Saws


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