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Duun Firewood Processor VM370

Duun Firewood Processor VM370

Easy to operate feeding (drive and reverse) and cutting and splitting all in one handle.

Hydraulic saw bar movement reduces manual repetitive work.

Wide feeding table, sidewards splitting bed and deliberate

Split impulse contributes to a smooth work flow.

Capacity diameter Ø37cm and length up to 50cm

7,0 tons and 8,5 tons split force.

Conveyor of 4meteres length and with chip separation feature.

Frame mounted splitting knives reduce strain on chassis.

Prepared for hydraulic coupling to log rack.

High tensile steel qualities for maximum wear resistance.


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Cutting diameter max 37 cm
Splitting force max 7000 kg
Chain drive Hydraulic
Cutting lengths 20–50cm stepless
Saw chain type 1,6 millimeter
Saw chain speed 23 sekundmeter
Saw chain dimention 0,325”
Saw chain length 78 links
Weight 880 kg
Moving log stopper Yes
Height to feeding table 880-960 mm
Support legs adjustable 0-40-80mm ( extra)
Splitting knife 4-part frame mounted
Rinsing conveyor belt Yes
Saw chain greasing Separate pump
Adjustment of splitting knife Manual
Number of hydraulic pumps 2
Feeding belt Hydraulic
Conveyor length 4000 mm
Conveyor sidewards movement. 25º to each side max.
Height in transport position 2540 mm
Width in transport position 2400 mm
Depth in transport position 1500 mm
Volume of chain oil container 2,5 liter
Pto speed max 400 rpm
Oil tank volume 75 liter

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