Cranab Saw Cassette

The Cranab GSK Saw Cassette can be mounted onto most grapples. Suitable for different saw bar lengths, the saw unit is available for cutting logs up to 600mm in diameter.

The GSK Saw Cassette incorporates many innovative design features to ensure a smooth efficient operation whilst featuring a low overall power requirement. Chain tensioning is automatic and the unit utilises 15mm slot type harvester bars. The chain is lubricated from a separate oil tank with adjustable flow.

Self contained saw unit
Automatic chain tensioning and bar return
Separate oil tank for chain lubrication with adjustable flow
Quick change bar and chain
Heavy-duty 18H bar and chain

Needs only one hydraulic service to operate (flow/return)
Low power flow of 190-250 bar at 80-100 litres per minute
Oil can easily be ported to the saw unit through a rotator.

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