Kindling Machine Hire – EHS Autochop 300


We provide the best quality professional kindling machine hire at affordable rates nationally on a long and short term basis.

The EHS Autochop 300 automatic kindling machine can produce thin kindling chunks or firewood. This alteration is easily made by adjusting the belt speed. The inverted V-shaped splitting knife works on a 2.5s timing cycle which allows users to produce in excess of 100 netted bags of kindling per hour.  Multipurpose settings allow the user to produce logs up to 4″ chunks.

The EHS has been designed with productivity and efficiency in mind and can easily be stopped, started and loaded by one operator.

The long bagging chute provides a simple, clean and effective means of packing the kindling and logs for storage, sale or transportation.

Call us on 01506 862 371 to find out more about our stump grinders for hire.

We offer daily rates as noted below but also offer weekly, monthly and long term hire as required.

Kindling Machine Hire: £150 per day

Key Specifications:

• Splitting power 6.5T
• Splitting Cycle 2.5 secs
• Log length 15-20 cm
• Max timber diameter 30cm
• Drive options: PTO / Electric (single or three phase)
• Can also produce logs

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