Femac TE80 & TE100 Forestal Flail Head

Femac TE80 & TE100 REV Forestal mulchers are a compact heavy duty forestry mulcher capable of cutting vegetation up to 12cm in  diameter. This machine is best suited for a 6 to 14 ton excavator, and easily handles gourse, rhododendron, bramble, etc.

It has multiple technical features and standard equipment available:

  • Toothed high-performance V-belts transmission
  • Internally reinforced with inside double-case body with interspace
  • Protective belt-covers
  • Shearing symmetric head, for faster working by the excavator rotation
  • Input and output mouths completely identical, adjustable faceplates, fully openable for higher cutting capacity
  • Side skids adjustable on 3 positions to change the height of the cut
  • Wood flanged rotor with 360O rotating hammer heads
  • Inside rotor supports with labyrinth for the protection of the bearings by the impurities
  • Double row spherical adjustable bearings
  • Valve block
  • Gear motor with cast iron flanging with drainage
  • Accident Prevention chains protections according to EC directives

Please see the demo video below:


Please see further specs below: