10 Series



The 10 Series of mini loaders pick up where the 9 Series left off providing superb and unmatched performance on the very limits of small loader capabilities. The 10 Series simply heralded a Best in Class era not to be matched. The 10 Series was built on the same architectural platform and making use of the same top qualitycomponents as the characteristic features of the MultiOne new series of mini articulated loaders.

These machines offer solutions that no one else can provide, with performances and capabilities far beyond any other in the compact mini loader market available today.

For a mini loader with all the performance criteria required by professionals today, look no further than the 10 Series!

Engine Yanmar 4TNV98
Power (Iso Gross) 72 HP / 54 kW
Fuel Diesel
Transmission Hydrostatic
Drive speed (max)
2 speed
16 – 32 km/h (10 – 20 mph)
20 – 40 km/h (12.4 – 24.8 mph)
Aux. hydraulic oil flow 95 l/min (25 gal/min)
Max lifting height 3,21 m (126.4 in)
Breakout force / 50 cm 2600 kg (5732 lbs)
Turning radius: inside/outside 1030 / 2550 mm (40.5 / 100.4 in)
Standard tires (Tractor profile) 31×15.50-15 (400/50-15)
Weight 2140 kg (4718 lbs)
Tipping load (w/backweights) 2700 kg (5952 lbs)
Lifting capacity (straight and w/backweights) 2160 kg (4762 lbs)
Lifting capacity (fully articulated and w/backweights) 1700 kg (3748 lbs)
Code C966000