2 Series



The smallest and most economical articulated series of MultiOne.

This machine provides high performance on any surface.
The articulation system allows the operator to drive the machine with total comfort, even in narrow spaces.

The harmony of a compact performance and an innovative design makes the 2 Series the most competitive machines of their category, the best solution for DIY activity.

Engine B&S Vanguard 8270
Power (Iso Gross) 25 HP / 18.6 kW
Fuel Petrol
Transmission Hydrostatic
Drive speed (max) 15 km/h (9.3 mph)
Aux. hydraulic oil flow 42 l/min (11.1 gal/min)
Max lifting height 1,6 m (63 in)
Breakout force / 50 cm 500 kg (1102 lbs)
Turning radius: inside/outside 700 / 1698 mm (27.6 / 66.9 in)
Standard tires (Tractor profile) 20×8.00-10
Weight 700 kg (1543 lbs)
Tipping load (w/backweights) 530 kg (1168 lbs)
Lifting capacity (straight and w/backweights) 420 kg (926 lbs)
Lifting capacity (fully articulated and w/backweights) 340 kg (750 lbs)
Code C951027