7 Series



MultiOne 7 series is the winning combination of power, speed and agility.

The powerful engine and the direct drive radial piston motors gives great speed and pushing force.
The new frame and telescopic boom assure high lifting capacity and agility.

MultiOne 7 Series captures the imagination with its even more potent presence, the standout performance and innovative features. The MultiOne 7 Series builds naturally on the strengths of the most successful multifunctional mini loaders: multi functionality and performance.

MultOne 7 series articulated mini loaders are the ideal entry level machine aimed at professionals in the farming, agriculture or construction sectors looking for alternatives to manual labour or a skid steers.


Engine Yanmar 3TNV76
Power (Iso Gross) 28 HP / 21 kW
Fuel Diesel
Transmission Hydrostatic
Drive speed (max) 11 km/h (6.8 mph)
Aux. hydraulic oil flow 37 l/min (9.8 gal/min)
Max lifing height 2,90 m (114 in)
Breakout force / 50 cm 1700 kg (3748 lbs)
Turning radius: inside/outside 825 / 2090 mm (32.5 / 82.3 in)
Standard tires (Tractor profile) 23×10.50-12
Weight 1610 kg (3549 lbs)
Tipping load (w/backweights) 1500 kg (3307 lbs)
Lifting capacity (straight and w/backweights) 1200 kg (2645 lbs)
Lifting capacity (fully articulated and w/backweights) 1020 kg (2249 lbs)
Code C962015