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Holzknecht HS5 CLASSIC

PTO driven winch with electro hydraulic control, which comes as standard with both a hand held control with lead and full radio remote control, The HS5 Classic is also fitted as standrad with the ‘Tip Stop’ safety system that switches off the winch if the tractor starts to tip.

The HS5 Classic uses the same design layout as our standard manual winches. The winch is driven from a PTO stub shaft with sprocket via a drive chain to the main drum drive sprocket which has a bonded clutch plate, with a large surface area. The cable drum is offset to the side of the PTO drive line. The cable drum has a band type brake that prevents the drum from turning when not winching in. However, unlike the manual operation of the standard winch, both the drive clutch and band brake system are operated by hydraulic cylinders inside the winch. The winch comes as standard with both a handheld control on a wander lead and a full radio remote control.

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Pulling power. 5,0t empty drum
Rope speed. 33 m / min
Rope take-up. 80 m / 10 mm Ø
. . . . . . . . . . . . 100 m / 9 mm Ø
Standard cable: 700 m / 10 mm Ø
Shield width. 1,500 mm
Height including protective grille. 2.150 mm
Rope entry height. 1,250 mm
Weight. 290 kg
Min tractor PTO:   20 kW / 27Hp.

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