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Holzknecht HS650

PTO driven 6.5 ton winch with electro hydraulic control, which comes as standard with both a hand held control with lead and full radio remote control. The wicnh has a completely different design to our standard winches and provides numerous features for the professional forester. Unlike our standard winches, which are driven by a PTO stub shaft with Sprocket, these winches have a steel gearbox that turns the drive 90 degrees to a double sprocket that drives a ‘duplex’ chain to the main drive clutch. This design allows the drum to be located directly above the PTO drive shaft and means the drum is 90 degrees to the PTO drive line. The hydraulic cable unwind system is situated just above the main drum. Unlike the standard winches where a single outlet pulley is on top of the main winch body, these winches have a double outlet pulley on the front face of the main body. The cable is sandwiched between two pulleys and the pair can rotate 360 degrees. This overall design greatly reduces the distance from the cable drum to the outlet pulley which in turn greatly improves the winding of the cable onto the drum.

The hydraulic cable unwind system uses a more powerful hydraulic motor and crucially, the motor hydraulic unwind is fitted with a disc brake. When the hydraulic cable unwind is not in use this disc brake keeps the cable taught between the drum and the outlet pulleys. This is another feature that significantly reduces the likelihood of the cable tangling between the drum and the outlet pulleys.

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Tractive performance 6,5 t
Cable retraction speed 26m / min
Cable capacities: 85m / 11mm Ø. 100m / 10mm.
Standard cable: 80m / 11mm.
Blade width 1750 mm.
Cable winch height with protective grille 2.350 mm.
Cable intake height 1200 mm
Weight 440 kg (no cable)’

Min tractor PTO power: 30 kW / 40hp

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