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Sahara Grit Box

Sahara self-loading gritter is designed to spread sand and salt onto sidewalks, streets, parking lots, residential estates, squares, etc. It may as well be useful for spreading aggregate (grit) at constructions and repairs of roads and liming lawns and pitches. Owing to gravity manner of gritting Sahara does not cause any damages to passed-by cars, does not pose any danger to pedestrians and causes no damage to lawns when spreading salt. The gritter is also equipped with dosing adjustment assembly with use of dosing shaft rpm modification as well as flap impact on dosing shaft.
As standard, Sahara can be aggregated with a tractor on a tractor’s 3-point linkage Cat. II or upon Client’s request it can be equipped with any hitch type. The gritter is propelled by vehicle’s hydraulic assembly.

For more information on this product call or e-mail. sales@fieldandforestltd.co.uk


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