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Westtech Woodcracker C

Application Areas

  • Conventional harvest of trees and bushes
  • Harvest of short rotation plantations
  • In rough terrain, hill areas and bog areas
  • Maintenance along traffic roads and routes
  • Large-scale harvest of forest areas
  • Problematic and dangerous tree felling
  • Cultivation and landscape maintenance

Key Facts

  • Available in different sizes for the appropriate carrier vehicle.
  • Made of high-strength Hardox® steel.
  • KTL-grounded (cathodic dip-coating) and powder coating
  • Appropriately dimensioned bearing bolts, with Glycodur® bushing, can be lubricated.
  • Supporting foot for safe storage and transport.
  • Certified quality (KWF Test).



Mounting options

1: Rigid mounting (using slewing drive of excavator)

2: Option: cylinder slewing system 2×48°

3: Option: Tiltator

– Endlessly rotatable (360°)
– Using a tiltator, the gripper can be turned around and used to sort lumber

4: Option: Power-Tiltator

– During tree removal, the Power Tiltator provides more strength by the means of double torque at the same speed.


Accumulator (with rapid change system):

– Used to work fast in weak wood and to bunch material.
– The accumulator can be removed easily via rapid change system to reduce the machine weight when working with strong trees.

Autospeed allows for faster closing of the cutting mechanism in weak wood.



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Hydraulische Baumschere Woodcracker® C250 am Campingplatz from WesttecH Woodcracker on Vimeo.

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