Used DGB Cone Splitter

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The Deitmer cone splitter and spiral splitter effortlessly breaks down large pieces of timber and tree stumps to create manageable, useful sizes of timber for firewood processing, wood chipping or shredding and biomass fuel creation.

Cone splitters are used across a range of industries including biomass harvesting, forestry, land clearing, stump reduction and landscaping.

These hydraulically powered cone splitters can be attached to excavators, forklits, tractors, compact loaders, tele-handlers and timber trailer cranes. Deitmer’s versatility allows the spiral splitter to be detached and the base unit can be equipped with a stump plainer, earth auger or weed brush.

Key Specifications:

Weight: 350KG

Hydraulic CC: 800

Minimum oil flow (lpm): 70

Maximum oil flow (lpm): 150

Maximum pressure (bar): 300

Torque – 3600 NM



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