Jensen A550 Variable Track Chipper


The A550T is powered by the Kubota 37hp diesel engine together with a larger infeed aperture and a more aggressive upper feed roller characterises this latest generation of chippers. Each twin horizontal hydraulic feed roller is milled from one body of steel and are driven by a gearbox to ensure maximum feed performance. The heavy weight in feed rollers are speed adjustable to help process a range of material and also adjust chip size. The A550T also benefits from the Power Control system and ECS (Electronic Controlled Sensor) infeed system.

The open topped 120kg flywheel has two cutting blades and due to its weight maintains cutting momentum and performance. being open topped, there is nothing to restrict chip flow and reduces the risk of blockages.

The strength and power of the Jensen A550 enables the chipper to cope with 200mm timber with ease and has a capacity of 18m3/h.

In addition to the safety bar, electronic safety sensors are fitted as standard enabling the machine to be turned off with a quick tap of the hand, ensuring increased safety at all times for operators.

Easily transportable at 1500Kgs, the chipper is equipped with an expanding track frame for better stability along with tilting bed option for ease of feeding and again stability on uneven terrain.

The A550T comes with a 270 degree rotating chute, sound deadening paint, fitted toolbox and control panel to record hours and service intervals

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