Used TMK 300 Tree Shear with Delimber

Used TMK 300 tree Shear with de-limber

This tree shear is a 2017 model. Workshop checked and sold with three months warranty.

We can manufacture brackets for this shear to fit onto any machine.

TMK 300 was the first of the TMK product family and today is still the most popular with over 450 units working in the UK alone. The TMK 300 shear is built from hardox 400 with a 12mm hardox 500 blade making it lightweight but very durable, its unique design creates a clean cut by gripping the tree and pulling it across a fixed blade.

TMK 300 has the option of combining the base unit with both the collector and de-limber attachments making the TMK 300 one of the most versatile shears on the market. Easy operating makes the TMK 300 a great choice for contractors, local authorities, farmers and forestry workers. Because of the TMK 300’s very high productivity it is an attachment that is perfectly suited for the professionals in all forestry related industries.

Cutting Diameter 300 mm

Weight 295 kg (not including headstock)

Carriers 5-20 tons


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