Usewood Forest Master Turbo Harvister



4105 hours runtime

Weight 2300 kg

  • Eight-wheel drive
  • Width 1,5 m
  • Electrically articulated steering
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Kubota diesel engine V1505T 33 kW (44 HP)
  • Rexroth variable displacement pump 0–130 l/min, 200 bar
  • Rexroth LUDV load sensing hydraulic valves
  • Electrical joysticks and keypads
  • Fuel consumption 3 l/h
  • Usewood RECS 12V control systems and computer with 7 inch touchscreen
  • CAN-bus based distributed control system
  • Operator specific parameters
  • Powerful LED drive and work lights, 5 x 35 W, total of 175 W
  • Crane lifting capacity 350 kg
  • Safety frame cabin with heating and cooling
  • Possible to use all Usewood qualified tools

“Getting its energy from a Kubota V1505T turbo diesel engine and hydraulics driven by a Bosch Rexroth 0-130 l variable displacement pump, Forest Master Turbo provides double the power and 20% more hydraulic oil compared to its predecessor. When working with a UW180S harvester head, this extra power makes handling heavy logs with big branches smoother than ever.

With a 0 to 130 l / min variable displacement pump and load sensing Bosch Rexroth LUDV valves the Usewood Forest Master’s hydraulic system is as modern as can be. The system takes care that all parallel movements are always carried out atthe driver’s desired speed. Multiple simultaneous movements do not slow each other down. The load sensing hydraulic system works with great efficiency, minimizing the already small fuel consumption of the Usewood Forest Master Turbo.

No matter what time of year or what kind of terrain you work in, the Usewood Forest Master is ready to work with you. Tough jobs in young forests can be done more easily, productively and comfortably. Using the Usewood Forest Master Turbo you will step in a new era of forestry.

The light and small harvester can be transported on a car trailer. This minimizes transportation costs, as a truck is not needed. The machine also moves easily and gently in dense young forests leaving hardly any tracks. With low fuel consumption, user friendly controls, easy maintenance and transportation, and efficiency, just to name a few, the Usewood Forest Master Turbo is the perfect machine for young forest management.”

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