Strahltechnik Cylindrical Screw Chipper ZSH 35 EGB

1 pc cylindrical screw chipper ZSH 35 EGB
– machine body, screw with armored blade
– electro engine
– base frame (stationary)
– industrial gear unit
– conveyor belt (straight)
– control cabinet including frequency converter
– grinding device with electric motor and parting-off grinder

Technical data:
intake (height x width): 37 x 37 cm
screw speed: 170 rounds per minute
intake speed: approx. 5 m/min
output: max. 100 m³/h
screw propulsion: electric motor, 370 kW


The screw chipper is mounted on a base frame for stationary use.
The propulsion is implemented using a electric motor.
Width of the wood chips: about 4 cm


1. Challenger Chain Conveyor
2.Challenger Log Singulator
3. Challenger Log Conveyor


£145,000 + VAT

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