What Types of Regon Firewood Processors Are There?

Here at Field & Forest Machinery, we regularly look to supply our clients with quality firewood processors, with these machines being essential in the wood-fuel, forestry and agricultural sectors, to split logs into firewood.

One of the brands of firewood processors that we provide are by the Finnish manufacturing company Regon, specifically their R1 and the R2 models. Boasting distinct size ranges and towable alternatives, the R1 and R2 are compact, versatile yet sturdy machines that are perfectly equipped to offer long-term performance.

There are numerous appealing qualities that these Regon firewood processors possess that might persuade you to add them to your roster of equipment. Here is some more information about these excellent pieces of equipment.

What is the R1?

Regon’s R1 processor is a compact firewood processor that is designed to process straight lengths of timber from first thinning up to 25cm. With a fully hydraulic drive, the processor benefits from having no belts to adjust or replace, preventing the risk of breakdown and improving its long-term performance in the long term.

The R1’s built-in hydraulic log lift is able to lift timber effortlessly, making the machine impressively productive and safe. This processor is strong too, boasting a six ton splitting force and multiple splitting blades. Despite its strength, the R1 can also be tailored for individual customers’ needs: it has a variable speed chain and a slat discharge conveyor.

Caring for and transporting the R1 is a doddle too. As a compact firewood processor, the R1 is easy to transport and store. One can also easily access the machine itself, making it simple to clean and maintain. The R1 also exists in a towable form, making it even easier to transport to other work locations.

What is the R2?

The bigger brother of the R1, the R2 compact firewood processor boasts many similarities with its little sibling. Like its brother, the R2 is also designed to process straight lengths of timber from first thinning up to 25cm, and also benefits from bearing a full hydraulic drive with a lack of belts increasing the risk of the processor breaking down.

The main difference between the two machines is their size. Although much is similar between the two machines – the built in log lift, the six ton splitting force, the variable speed chain – the R2’s added size gives it an extra capacity that the R1 cannot touch. In this case larger size does make a difference.

Tempted? Give us a call!

Hopefully by this point you can see how useful Regon’s R1 and R2 firewood processors are and have an idea of whether they would be suitable for your needs. If you would like to know more about our Regon firewood processors, why not let us know today via our contact page? We’d be delighted to give you more advice on these powerful machines and recommend the best course of action for you. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.

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