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About Wood Chippers

Wood chippers are a fantastic piece of equipment for tree surgeons, councils, municipalities, golf courses, gardeners, farmers, and many more professionals. The  perfect addition to professionals due to their advantages, wood chippers also provide savings for tree services and forestry work. The nature of wood chippers means that there are massive savings across the board when used in a professional environment.


A time-consuming element of professional tree work is the clearing and tidying of wood and material waste. Wood chippers save time and energy in this regard, as waste material can be chipped into waste bins/ trailers, greatly reducing cleaning and clearing time. Wood chips are more compact, so more waste material can fit into every trip to the recycling centres, saving time and allowing professionals to turn their hand to extra jobs each day.

The increased production speed and the saving in space means that wood chippers pay off their investment very quickly (with the additional jobs that can be performed each day, there will be an increase in revenue). The efficiency and automated work performed by wood chippers reduces the amount of employees and personnel required per job, reducing costs and improving the use of resources.

Improved designs

Due to the improvements in designs, production techniques and performance of wood chippers, they have now become more compact, versatile and customised. Many of the large wood chipper brands are now realising the potential in introducing more compact wood chippers that are easier to move, store and handle.

Wood chippers that are cialis online able to be used in back yards, that can travel in the back of work vans, and towable wood chippers, are becoming ever more common in the professional workplace. The maneuverability of wood chippers has become a major focus and selling point for customers and suppliers respectively. Compact, towable and tracked wood chippers that can access more places, and that can go off-road are ideal for councils, farmers, golf courses, etc.

The improvements in design have meant additional options and attachments are now available on most wood chippers. The customisable ability of wood chippers have meant that suppliers can meet the needs and requirements of the customer at every step of the way.

Rent and resale

The improved performance and production of the wood chippers have seen their popularity soar in recent years, and with the savings in costs and time, its not hard to see why. The nature of wood chippers means that they are always needed and can be easily hired out or resold. The wood chipper hire industry is always growing, and is an easy way for professionals to earn income off their wood chippers during the machines’ downtime, increasing the return on investment for the equipment. Hiring of wood chippers can be very expensive over the long-term, however – with financing – it is more cost-effective to purchase in the long-term.

The ability of wood chippers to have a high return of investment and high liquidity rate during resale, makes the purchase of wood chippers a no-brainer for professionals and municipalities. Wood chippers hold their value very well due to their long work life, given the low levels of repairing and servicing required.

The increase in wood chipper suppliers means that the market is becoming more and more competitive. These factors all contribute to the impact and popularity of wood chippers in the forestry and arboriculture industries.

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