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Indeco Pulverizers

Utilizing the most technologically advanced materials and specifically engineered to withstand high levels of pressure, wear and abrasion, Indeco’s new IFP and IRP Series pulverizers feature an innovative design which provides better grip, makes them easier to handle and enhances the hydraulic energy to be most efficiently applied to demolition. The unique shape of Indeco pulverizers helps to reduce force variation between start (maximum opening) and finish (minimum opening) operating sequences. This leads to greater efficiency when demolishing materials and reduces both working time and stress transmitted to the excavator. Other important features of Indeco Series pulverizers include interchangeable teeth on the mobile jaw (welded onto a bolt-on plate secured with special latches) for optimal penetration of the material being demolished, a large opening between the jaws and a hydraulic system with a “regeneration valve.” This feature enables the movable jaws to be closed more quickly under no-load conditions; shortening cycle times and increasing productivity. Indeco pulverizers can also regulate the distance between the cutters located inside the jaws, so that the steel rods inside reinforced concrete can be cut more efficiently. Indeco rotating pulverizers provide the additional benefit of being able to rotate continuously through 360°, which makes it easier to carry out demolition in all conditions, and ensures that the material can be held firmly in the pulverizer’s jaws. The new IFP and IRP Series of pulverizers are particularly suited for primary demolition of buildings, vertical structures, flooring, slabs and external walls as well as recycling applications and secondary demolition of reinforced concrete materials and structures.

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