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GMT Equipment Grapple Saws

Safe and efficient pruning and removal of trees with only one machine

Safe and efficient pruning and removal of trees

Do you need to saw trees with less manpower but still work quickly and efficiently? With the grapple saw from GMT Equipment, you can saw, fell, prune and transport trees with one machine. The GMT grapple saws enable smaller sections of a tree to be removed and to be cleared away immediately. Therefore, directly off the tree into a container or chipper without touching the ground and causing damage by falling wood. This means saving up to 60% in man-hours and materials.

For over more than 10 years the GMT tree felling equipment is the best solution for safe and efficient pruning and removal of trees within cities and along roads, railways and waterways. The GMT Equipment grapple saws are suitable for all rigid vehicles with cranes, such as excavators, trucks, tractors, telehandlers, forwarders and skidders.

Grapple Saw with Total Tree Control

GMT Equipment introduces a new product: the GMT TTC grapple saw. TTC stands for Total Tree Control. TTC combines the advantage of grasping the tree flexible with the ability to keep or hold tree sections in position when removing them. Not only is the tilt cylinder of the grapple blocked, but so is the movement in all directions in the cardanic suspension between rotator and crane. This ‘blocking’ method is unique and the system is patented.

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Making Tree Work Safe and Efficient!

By using the GMT Equipment grapple saw, quick coupler and Fly Jib you can save in man-hours and materials. This means that the total costs over the entire lifespan are low, making the GMT grapple saw a profitable investment.

GMT035 TTC Grapple Saw

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