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We provide a wide range of Zero Turn, Stand On and Walk Behind commercial lawn mowers

Suppliers of the only commercial mowers with suspension

Field & Forest is a UK dealership of Ferris Ferris Mowers. Ferris have a commitment to building commercial mowers that last whilst introducing innovation and technology that improves operator experience. Ferris mowers are the only ride on mowers in the industry that offer patented suspension technology.

Ferris IS Suspension

We provide the only commercial mowers with suspension system developed by engineers to meet the needs of professional landscapers.

Our patented suspension system allows each wheel to move up and down independently smoothing out uneven turf.

The caster wheels and cutting deck of the mower are connected to the frame beneath the suspension and raises and lowers as the wheels of the mower travel over ground contours.

This system virtually eliminates shocks to the chassis, resulting in superior operator comfort, increased mowing speeds, stability and extended mower life.

  1. Reinforced leading edge provides protection where the deck needs it most.
  2. Multi-layer heavy-gauge steel construction for maximum strength.
  3. Debris shield on idler pulleys keeps moisture and debris away, extending bearing life.
  4. Center point is offset, optimizing airflow for discharge.
  5. Slope nose design allows grass to rise in the chamber before making contact with the blades.
  6. Deck step allows for easy entry and exit from the operator’s compartment.
  7. Strong, 6 mm thick Marbain® steel blades.
  8. Easily removable mulching insert.

iCD™ Cutting System

The innovative iCD ™ Cutting System allows for better airflow discharge and superior cut quality. The slope nose of the deck forces the blades of grass forward and allows them a longer period of time to rise in the chamber before the blades make contact. The new iCD™ cutting system offers unparalleled cut quality and compliments the innovation of the Ferris line.


Ferris Commercial Mowers with the new Vanguard Oil Guard™ System raise the bar on how productive a landscape contractor can be on any given day.

A first-of-its-kind solution for the commercial turf market, Ferris mowers with the Oil Guard™ System offer major productivity gains by allowing landscape contractors to operate their mower for 500 hours between oil changes. Increasing the oil change interval by 5x means less time spent changing the oil and more time cutting.

Easy fill cap and integrated oil filter make oil changes easier, cleaner and faster.
High-capacity external oil reservoir keeps oil and engine cooler.
Unique, dry sump system ensures off-angle lubrication and minimizes thermal breakdown of oil.

Optimum power and fuel efficiency at all times

Vanguard™ EFI engines with Oil Guard System deliver an optimum level of power and fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance time and costs at all times.

Better than typical mechanical, pressure driven carbureted engines which cannot tune for the entire operating range of the engine, the EFI system tunes for every different operating point of the engine, providing fuel economy and power gains.

The integrated Engine Control Module (ECM) takes signals from sensors placed around the engine and makes cycle by cycle decisions on how much fuel or spark to provide and when to provide it. For example in a light load condition the ECM knows to regulate fuel output for maximum fuel efficiency, while for heavier loads it increases fuel and power provision to get the job done.

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