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Why the GMT Grapple Saw is the best investment in forest machinery?

At Field & Forest, we provide our customers with the highest quality machinery. Amongst this we sell grapple saws from the Dutch company, GMT equipment. If you’ve found yourself here, you’ll probably be contemplating whether you need a GMT grapple saw, and what the benefits are of having one. What is the “GMT TTC” Grapple

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Why Regon Firewood Processors are the perfect product for you

Here in Britain, we’re no stranger to the cold and freezing spells that accompany the autumn, spring and winter months; it seems like we rarely get much warm weather during the year! Having a supply of firewood for yourself, or being in the business of producing firewood for others, can be a fruitful enterprise; there’s

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Benefits of Regon Firewood Processors

Firewood processors are equipment that you expect a lot from, but how can you guarantee that it’s going to do a better job than you can? Ultimately a firewood processor is designed to save valuable time, which is why at Field & Forest we are proud to supply our customers with the Regon firewood processor,

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What can REGON Firewood Processors do for you?

Firewood processors are just one of the essential tools used in the forestry, wood-fuel and agricultural industries. At Field and Forest Machinery Ltd, we have a range of different processors that are suited to meet your needs. We offer affordable, reliable pieces of equipment, that are easy-to-use and technologically advanced. With the REGON Firewood Processors,

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Five Reasons for Using Tree Shears

Tree shears are a fundamental piece of equipment for the forestry industry. As well as for use for recycling and agriculture, there are many reasons why you might need to hire our Finnish TMK tree shears. Time and time again, the TMK tree shear proves it has superior quality when it comes to clearing trees,

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Which firewood processor is best for you?

When you’re thinking of forestry equipment, a firewood processor might be one of the first items to come to mind. Firewood processors’ ability to split logs into firewood is what makes them such essential tools in the wood-fuel, forestry and the agricultural sectors. That’s why we are proud suppliers of excellent firewood processors right here

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