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Jo Beau

These gravity wood chippers are the next chapter in professional wood chipping. Their light weight, compact, and versatile nature have made them an ideal option for gardeners, tree surgeons and landscapers. Due to these features, the gravity chippers are able to be moved and stored in vehicles, and can be easily manoeuvred in order to be used in small spaces such as back gardens or local parks. The saving in time and space, as well as their convenience have made the Jo Beau wood chippers the go to for smaller contractors and gardeners.

Designed by Jozef Beauprez, Jo Beaus’ first wood chipper was launched in 1999. During his career, evolving from the ‘builder’ to entrepreneur, his philosophy has always been to design and develop simple, high-quality products.

After having completed his education as a builder/designer and accumulating a few years of experience, Josef set off as an independent businessman in 1988 to start repairing and selling gardening machines in Bruges.
In 1992, Jozef built his first universal catcher for mini tractors. This heralds the beginning of a long series of original products that grew to include lawn aerators, levelling systems for single axle vehicles, dumpers for caterpillar vehicles, etc. In 1999, the first Jo Beau® wood chipper was launched on the market. The Walker ride-on mower was a unique design that had never been designed and utilized on a wood chipper. It was a pioneering, innovative design that catapulted his designs and aspirations in the wood chipper industry.
Since the success of the original wood chipper, Jozef envisioned an autonomous model. The product of tireless hours of cutting, drilling and welding in his workshop, was the original M300,13 hp Honda gasoline engine, wood chipper. From the success of the original M300, Jo Beau has grown to develop additional smaller and larger models for all uses and environments.

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