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Which firewood processor is best for you?

When you’re thinking of forestry equipment, a firewood processor might be one of the first items to come to mind. Firewood processors’ ability to split logs into firewood is what makes them such essential tools in the wood-fuel, forestry and the agricultural sectors. That’s why we are proud suppliers of excellent firewood processors right here at Field & Forest Machinery Ltd.

Firewood processors are sturdy, affordable and easy-to-use pieces of equipment that come in as many forms as you can imagine. We specialise in providing four types of firewood processor, including processors from the Finnish manufacturing company Regon and the Minnesotan company Hahn. These machines all vary slightly differently from one another in their features and potential uses. But what are those differences? Here’s a summary of the four types of firewood processor we offer below:

Regon R1

A compact firewood processor, the Regon R1 is nevertheless powerful, boasting six tons of splitting force and able to process straight lengths of timber up to 25cm. As it has a fully hydraulic drive with no belts to adjust or replace, it is a reliable processor that can be adjusted with its variable speed chain and slat discharge conveyors. Handily, the R1 also exists in towable form so it can be easily transported elsewhere if needs be.

Regon R2

The Regon R2 is a slightly larger model of the R1, making it the better option for professional users. The R2 shares much of the benefits of its smaller brother, including a full hydraulic drive and a built-in log lift, along with a variable speed chain and 4m slat discharge conveyor. All this allows the R2 to lift and process lengths of hard and softwood timber with ease, while it can also be easily accessed to be cleaned and maintained.

Hahn HFP160

In contrast with our Regon firewood processors, the Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro is an attachment to other vehicles such as skid steer loaders, track or wheel loaders, and excavators, allowing it to function as a full firewood processor. The HFP160 is adept at lifting logs, cutting logs into specified lengths and splitting them further into firewood, offering a full firewood solution. As the HFP160 is mobile and operated by control by the loader driver, the chopped firewood can then be easily placed where it needs to be without causing any risk to the driver, making it an extremely handy tool to have at your disposal.

Hahn HFP150 Compact

Like the HFP160, the Hahn HFP150 Compact is a smaller and lighter version of the HFP160, attached to skid steer loaders and excavators to lift, cut and split firewood to uniform specification. While this version is best for mid-sized loaders and businesses that need a slightly lower level of production, it remains well-suited for a long service life, made of high strength steel, and can be operated just as easily via controller from the driver’s cab.

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Now that you know more about our four firewood processors, why not contact us here at Field & Forestry Machinery to try them out? Our processors are available both new and used and can also be rented out for the short or long term.

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