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The Five Benefits of TMK Tree Shears You Need to Know About

If you find yourself in a position where you have a large area of land that needs to be cleared of trees and vegetation, you may think to yourself that the job will be time-consuming, strenuous and potentially very costly. However, TMK Tree Shears can be a solution to all three of these problems; a machine that can clear vegetation from small or large swathes of land, as well as being able to chop down and delimber trees up to 12” thick quickly and efficiently. These are just five benefits of TMK Tree Shears you need to know about.

Weight and Size

The TMK Tree Shears are compact by design, incorporating a 12mm blade, gripping arms and hydraulic system all in a product that weighs just 295kg. Its capsular structure provides a lightweight and durable set of tree shears that can handle some of the toughest trees and vegetation out there. Its low weight means it can be attached to excavators ranging from just 5 tonnes, through to 20 tonnes depending on the machine you use.

Cutting Capabilities

TMK Tree Shears have a Hardox 500 12mm blade, which means it provides the cleanest of cuts to any vegetation or tree that you need to excavate. The maximum sized tree that it can chop down is 10” Hardwood and 12” Softwood. The TMK Tree Shears use the power of hydraulics to pull the tree trunk across the stationary mounted blade, meaning you won’t be breaking a saw blade anytime soon, nor exerting yourself tree by tree; TMK Tree Shears do the work for you.

Customisation and Attachments

TMK Tree Shears come with a variety of different options that make it customisable for the specific user. These attachments include: a delimber module, allowing users to remove small and large limbs on trees before cutting them down, allowing a cleaner end product; an extension beam, which can attach to provide further reach for the user; a collector, which works automatically until the bundle of trees and other vegetation is dropped by the user, improving efficiency and speed. These attachments are easily bolted on and use either none or very little extra hydraulics or electricity to work.


It may be that the project you’re working on is a large-scale excavation job, demanding the removal of hundreds of trees across large swathes of land; it may be the project you’re working on is a small garden area that you need to be quickly cleared of trees and shrubs. Regardless of the job that needs doing, TMK Tree Shears can handle it; its small, lightweight design means it can be used in some of the smallest gardens or the largest acres of land.

Professional Durability

TMK Tree Shears by design have an extreme resistance to breaking and wear and tear. When used correctly, these tree shears should be able to go through tree after tree with ease, doing a professional excavation job time and time again. The strong and durable steel material it is made from, coupled with the limited moving parts and fixed sawblade, means this set of tree shears won’t let you down; when excavating your aim should be for a professional looking job with little mess and “tidy up” time, something TMK Shears provide.

If you’re looking for a tree shearing solution for your project, make sure you contact us here at Field and Forest ltd., where we sell and hire out TMK Tree shears to a variety of homeowners and professional contractors. If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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