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TMK Tree Shears: the all-in-one solution

Here at Field & Forest Machinery, we aim to offer a range of quality new and used equipment for our clients in the forestry, recycling and agricultural sectors. One of the specialist pieces of equipment that we offer are tree shears.

The tree shear we offer is the Finnish TMK tree shear, which is designed specifically to be strong and efficient in its work. The TMK’s ability to provide an all-in-one tree clearing solution have transformed it into a worldwide success, particularly in Europe and North America.

So why is a TMK tree shear so impressive and why would they be a worthwhile investment to your company’s equipment? Here is everything that you need to know about TMK’s tree shear.

All you need to know about the TMK

The TMK tree shear is manufactured from high quality Hardox steel, making it a highly durable machine that is resistant to torque and tearing. The TMK’s unique design allows it to cut trees cleanly by gripping the tree and pulling it across a fixed blade, able to cut hardwood up to 10” long and softwood up to 12” in length. The shear’s ability to collect and multiply types of trees is one of the many reasons that it has become one of the most desirable tree shears on the market.

Despite the TMK’s power it is a lightweight and versatile machine that can be mounted onto all common brackets and can also be fitted onto excavators between 5 – 20 tons in weight. With its collector, grapple and baseplate knife, the TMK is able to provide a quick, efficient and inexpensive method of clearing soft and hardwood vegetation along with hedge rows and field boundaries.

Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of the TMK is its capacity to be tailored for individual projects and activities with multiple optional attachments. One such attachment is the delimber, which facilitates the lifting of the shear and makes the motion smoother and faster. Handily, the delimber also requires no extra hydraulics or electricity.

Other optional attachments to the TMK include two sizes of extension beam (either 110cm or 80cm in length depending on the size of the excavator) and an automatic collector which greatly increases the TMK’s productivity and efficiency. However, the collector does require an electric valve to allow the trees to fall from its grip.

Tempted by the TMK? Let us know!

It’s clear that the TMK tree shear is a fantastic product which can help you clear trees and vegetation with ease. Luckily, here at Field & Forestry Ltd we can provide the TMK tree shear brand new or for you to hire on a short or long term arrangement. If you are interested in getting hold of a TMK tree shear, please do let us know via our contact page. We’d be delighted to discuss your individual requirements with you and advise how the TMK tree shear can best benefit your business.

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