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What Types of Hahn Firewood Processor Are There?

Here at Field & Forest Machinery, one of the products we are proud to supply to our clients are firewood processors, regularly used in the wood-fuel, forestry and agricultural sectors to split logs into firewood.

There are two main firewood processors that we provide, both from the Minnesotan manufacturing company Hahn: the HFP160 and the HFP150Compact. These machines are sturdy, cheap to own and operate, and prove to be long-lasting. But what duties can these processors perform and what are the benefits of purchasing them? Below, we outline some more information about these excellent pieces of equipment.

What is the Hahn HFP160?

The Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro is an impressive attachment for skid steer loaders, compact track or wheel loaders, or excavators, which transforms the vehicle into a fully functioning firewood processor.

The HFP160 is able to pick up a log from the ground, cut it into 20” or 28” lengths and split them into four, six, or eight pieces of firewood depending on the requirements of the operator. As the processor is mobile, it can then easily place the wood on the ground or directly into other containers such as trucks, trailers, bins or onto a conveyor belt.

Because the HFP160 only needs one machine and one person to operate it from the safety of the loader cab, the HFP160 offers enhanced safety and lower production costs, compared to more conventional systems for firewood processing, making it an appealing acquisition for any business.

What is the Hahn HFP150 Compact?

Like the Hahn HFP160, the Hahn HFP150 Compact attaches to skid steer loaders, compact track and wheel loaders, and excavators to lift, cut and split firewood and can be fully operated by one person from the safety of their loader’s cab.

However, the HFP150 Compact is a simpler, smaller, and lighter attachment than the HFP160, making it suitable to fit mid-sized loaders and ideal for businesses that use a lot of firewood but do not need the larger production capacity of the HFP160. As it is made of high strength steel and other industrial grade components, it also offers an impressively long service life.

The HFP150 Compact also benefits from a solid state programmable controller, allowing the processor to be controlled by eight push buttons attached to the loader’s joysticks, and a regenerative splitter circuit. The HFP150 Compact’s hydraulically adjustable 4-way and 6-way splitters allow its operator to produce uniformly sized firewood from several log sizes up to 15” in diameter, meaning that firewood is always uniformly sized and split to specification.

All in all, these features make the HFP150 Compact extremely easy to operate and make it no less useful than its larger counterpart.

Want a Firewood Processor? Contact Us!

If you are interested in getting hold of a Hahn firewood processor, you can do so here at Field & Forest Machinery. We sell both new and used equipment and we also offer a short/long-term rental service. Please let us know of your requirements today via our contact page.

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