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Why Should You Use TMK Tree Sheers for Tree Clearing?

Are you sick of hacking away in your garden with equipment that seems to be more of a hindrance than a help to you? At Field & Forest, we are proud to offer great deals on the TMK tree shears, the equipment that brings speed and versatility to otherwise gruelling gardening work. It’s strength makes it one of the most desirable tree shears on the market.


What makes TMK tree shears so good?

Unique design

The specialist design of TMK tree shears is what sets it apart from the other conventional tree shears on the market. Made from a high quality Hardox steel, the TMK tree shears are a highly durable machine resistant to torque and tearing. This makes the TMK highly superior in its durability, providing you with a tree shearing solution you know you can rely on.

Makes clean cuts

Its unique design allows for optimum ease when removing excess foliage in your garden, making the cleanest of cuts to trees with little effort required. The TMK achieves this by gripping the tree and pulling it across a fixed blade, requiring less effort or strain from the user in comparison to conventional tree shears. And the TMK achieves all this without receiving any damage or strain to the equipment, allowing you to take control of overgrown areas without any strain or stress.

Diverse application

The strength of the TMK tree shear allows for easy cutting and collecting of multiple trees of diverse lengths and types. No matter the kinds of trees you are trying to tackle, big or small or awkwardly shaped, the TMK is made to take them down.

Lightweight and versatile

As well as being highly powerful, the TMK is also lightweight, making it easy to transport and position whilst doing gardening work. The TMK can also be mounted onto all common brackets and fitted onto excavators between 5 – 20 tons in weight. With its collector, grapple and baseplate knife, the TMK is a quick, affordable and efficient method of clearing soft and hardwood vegetation.

Optional attachments

The TMK also comes with a range of different attachments, designed to widen the possibilities of your work and allowing you to tailor the machine to suit your individual projects. These attachments include the delimber, which makes the motion of cutting smoother and faster by facilitating the lifting of the shear. The other optional attachments include two sizes of extension beam and an automatic collector, both designed to make gardening work easier for you.



If you are interested in the TMK tree shears, at Field & Forest, we offer the TMK tree shear both for purchase and for hire, on either a short or long-term arrangement. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in contact and we will be delighted to discuss with you how the TMK tree shear can benefit your business in more detail.

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