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How to Choose the Right Firewood Processor for Your Needs

Whether you’re a seasoned timber worker, or you find yourself new to the purchasing of a new firewood processor, it’s important to stay on top of the newest models and best configurations for your individual requirements, or that of your business.

Here at Field & Forest Machinery Ltd, we have been manufacturing and supplying firewood processors and a whole myriad of timber equipment for years, which is why today we’re using our industry expertise to give you a run down on the 3 main firewood processors on the market and how to know which is the best suited to your needs.

These are the three most popular firewood processors we have for sale here at Field & Forest Machinery Ltd:

R1 Firewood Processor (Electric + PTO)

A great all-rounder, the R1 firewood processor is a compact model whose small size makes it easy for working on different sites. This machine processes straight lengths of timber both soft and hardwood, transforming it into sizes from first thinning up to 25cm.

As the firewood processor has no belts to replace or adjust, the R1 firewood processor promotes longevity of lifespan, meaning you can achieve much more grass clearing than other models. With a hydraulic log lift, you don’t have to strain your back to operate this machine.

Other features:

  • 6 ton splitting force
  • Multiple splitting blades
  • Variable speed chain
  • Slat discharge conveyor
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance

R2 Firewood Processor (Electric + PTO)

Simliar to the R1, but made of tougher stuff, the R2 firewood processor is the souped up big brother to the smaller timber machine. Whilst still versatile enough to be classed as compact, this processor is adept at processing large lengths of soft and hardwood.

Akin to the R1, the R2 boasts a built-in hydraulic log lift to prevent you from having to make excessive effort, with multiple splitting blades to create the finest firewood.

Other features:

  • 4m slat discharge conveyor
  • Variable speed blades
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Compact for transporting

Kentec Heavy Duty Vertical Hydraulic Log Splitter

Less mobile than the R1 and R2, the Kentec log splitter is the most robust of the firewood processors we have to offer here at Field & Forest Machinery Ltd. Here are the key features of this reliable addition to your collection:

  • Auto return valve
  • 15-ton ram
  • V type hardened wedge
  • Two handed controls
  • Large table area
  • 2 pack paint
  • CE compliant

Contact us today here at Field & Forest Machinery Ltd to discuss equipping your company with one of our industry standard firewood processors. We can discuss quotes and delivery, ensuring you get the best deal for your requirements.

Our team are always on hand to answer any of your timber related questions. With our years of experience, we’re always happy to answer an email or pick up the phone and have a chat regarding the best configuration for your company.

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