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Four Ways Our Tree Shears Make Cutting Wood Easier

There are few pieces of forestry equipment that do their job better than tree shears. These specialist pieces of equipment are designed to be strong and efficient in cutting wood for the forestry, recycling and agricultural sectors. That’s why we at Field & Forestry Machinery are delighted to be suppliers of the Finnish TMK tree shear.

We have written previously about the ability of the TMK tree shear, which is designed to provide an all-compassing solution for clearing trees and has become a worldwide success. Yet these tree shears are so impressive it bears repeating why you should invest in them! Here are just four traits of the TMK tree shear that makes it worth investigating:

Extremely durable

Being made from high quality Hardox steel, the TMK tree shear is a highly powerful and durable machine. Not only is it resistant to torque and to tearing, but it is capable of cleanly cutting hardwood tree branches up to 10’’ in length by gripping and pulling them across its blade, with this capacity increasing to 12’’ in length for softwood trees. The TMK’s ability to shear several types of trees is why it is one of the most highly sought after tree shears.


Not only is the TMK a powerful machine but it’s a nimble and versatile machine that can be mounted onto all common brackets. It can also be fitted onto excavators that weigh between 5 and 20 tons. The TMK’s versatility makes it excellent not only at clearing soft and hardwood trees, but also hedge rows and field boundaries with its collector, grapple and baseplate knife.

Can be modified with no extra power

One of the TMK’s most impressive aspects is how it can be adapted for individual projects, no matter how big or small, without any extra power requirements. This can be achieved due to its compatibility with optional attachments such as a delimber, which helps the TMK lift its shear quickly and more smoothly without requiring extra hydraulics or electricity.

Wide range of optional attachments

You’ll be pleased to know that the delimber isn’t all that can be attached to the TMK! Other tools you can attach to the TMK include two sizes of extension beam and an automatic collector so you don’t need to feed the tree into the shear manually. The TMK’s ability to be modified in so many ways makes it an excellent all-rounder.

Interested? Get in touch!

Here at Field & Forestry Ltd we can provide the TMK tree shear brand new or on a short/long term hire basis. This can be arranged either from our office in the UK or in our new office covering the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. If you want to see what our tree shears can do for yourself, or would like to discuss any of the other products we have for sale or hire, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. We’ll be able to get you cutting that wood with ease.

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