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Why the GMT Grapple Saw is the best investment in forest machinery?

At Field & Forest, we provide our customers with the highest quality machinery. Amongst this we sell grapple saws from the Dutch company, GMT equipment. If you’ve found yourself here, you’ll probably be contemplating whether you need a GMT grapple saw, and what the benefits are of having one.

What is the “GMT TTC” Grapple Saw?

TTC stands for “Total Tree Control” and combines the advantage of being able to saw, fell, prune & transport trees with one machine. The GMT grapple saw enables smaller sections of a tree to be cut, removed and cleared immediately into a container or chipper without touching the ground and causing any damage from falling wood. This can save up to 60% in man-hours and materials.

For over 10 years the GMT tree felling equipment has been the best solution for the safe & efficient removal of trees within cities, along roads, railways & waterways.

Technical explanation for the GMT TTC Grapple Saw?

They have fitted a double knee joint above the rotation section and the attachment to the crane or telescopic handler. Each knee joint has a hydraulic cylinder and a number of brake linings. These brake linings are clamped in place by the hydraulic cylinder pushing both suspension lugs towards each other. One push of a button transforms our pivoting grapple saw into a fixed grapple saw. This makes it possible to pick a branch from the tree exactly in the position in which it is attached. This allows you to work much cleaner when picking apart and removing entire trees.

Why GMT created the TTC grapple saw for their customers? 

GMT noticed some customers needed more control when removing branches. TTC combines the advantage of movement flexibility with the ability to keep or hold tree sections in position when removing them. The crane or telescopic handler can now bring the felled timber to the ground with even more control. This creates more possibilities when felling sick or dead trees when there is little or no room to manoeuvre, particularly when there are surrounding objects such as houses, above-ground power and telephone lines or other obstacles. As a result, little loose wood ends up on the ground which also saves a lot of manpower.

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If you would like to more information about our range of GMT TTC Grapple Saws, please get in touch with us through our web contact form, or email us at sales@fieldandforestltd.co.uk. Located in Broxburn, you can also give us a call on either 07787991419 or 01506 862 371. A member of our team will be delighted to discuss your options with you.

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