Do You Need a Firewood Processor?

At Field & Forest, we provide our customers with the very best quality firewood processors from the Finnish company, REGON, which has over 60 years of industry experience. If you’ve found yourself here, you’ll probably be contemplating whether you need a firewood processor, and what the benefits are of having one.

What is a firewood processor?

Making use of hydraulic systems, firewood processors split wood with optimum precision, combined with a high speed. A simple axe cannot compete with these technologically advanced systems. At Field & Forest, we can accommodate your needs by offering a variety of sizes, and it’s even possible to custom design them specifically for the intended purpose. Some machines are small enough to be used by just one person, and they can easily be towed with a truck. It’s also possible to specify the exact measurements of the wood you’re splitting.

Why would I need a firewood processor?

When you need to produce a large of firewood, using this kind of processor is by far superior to the manual alternative. Having the best quality product for burning wood in a fireplace or a campfire means those using the wood will build great memories whether toasting marshmallows or keeping warm and cosy in winter. The major benefit for those who are making use of these wooden logs is that the wood will be properly seasoned, producing less smoke when they burn.

What’s the difference between seasoned and unseasoned wood?

Wood seasons naturally through air drying, with the wood’s moisture evaporating to balance with the surrounding humidity. This all takes time, and the bigger the log, the longer it will take. Depending on the type, green wood can hold moisture at between 45% – 200%. The ideal for seasoned wood is just 25%. When you split wood with a firewood processor, this enables the drying time to reduce from years to months. If your wood is not seasoned properly, the additional moisture will reduce the burn of your fire, making it slower, less hot, and more smoky. Using unseasoned wood means less heat energy is produced, but it is also dangerous for your eyes and lungs. If you’re using this kind of wood in a fireplace, the flue and chimney will build up with ash and need more cleaning and maintenance, costing those victims more money.

Contact Us

If you would like to more information about our range of firewood processors, please get in touch with us through our web contact form, or email us at Located in Broxburn, you can also give us a call on either 07787991419 or 01506 862 371. A member of our team will be delighted to discuss your options with you.

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