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TMK Tree Shears: why you need this great all-rounder

If you work in a forestry-related industry, tree shears are essential pieces of equipment. No matter what industry you are looking to cut wood for, whether it’s the forestry, recycling or agricultural sector, these pieces of equipment are designed to be impressively strong and reliable at their job. Here at Field & Forestry we will never get tired of supplying excellent tree shears such as the Finnish TMK tree shear.

As we have written before, the TMK tree shear is excellent at clearing trees and providing an all-round solution regardless of the application for which you need them. That’s why we are proud to stock them. Here’s a recap of the qualities that will make TMK tree shears so useful for your work:


TMK tree shears are impressively powerful and sturdy machines, constructed as they are from Hardox steel which is wear- and abrasion-resistant. Able to slice hardwood tree branches of up to 10” in length in a clean manner – reaching 12” in length for softwood trees – TMK tree shears are fully capable of adapting to situations, making them a versatile solution to your cutting problem.


Many tree shears aren’t the ideal choice to tackle hedges and bushes. The versatility of TMK tree shears comes from their ability to be mounted onto all common brackets and excavators. Equipped with a collector, grapple and baseplate knife, TMK tree shears are just as good at clearing hedge rows and field boundaries as they are at trees.

Easily modified

TMK tree shears cannot only be mounted onto other equipment; they can also be fitted with optional attachments to allow them to be adapted for individual challenges. For example, if you need your tree shears to lift more quickly and smoothly, you can always equip them with a delimber. This has the added bonus of not requiring any extra power.

Tons of attachments

The biggest reason that TMK tree shears are such a great all-rounder is that they can be modified with so many attachments. Need a longer reach? No problem: simply choose the right extension beam, available in 80cm or 110cm in length. Looking to have the work done for you? That’s easy too: simply use an automatic collector to feed the tree into the shears automatically. Whatever your individual problem, the TMK tree shears can be equipped with an attachment to tackle it.

Convinced yet?

Our TMK tree shears are available in brand spanking new condition; alternatively, you can hire them from us on a short or long term basis should you require it. Wherever your business is based, either in the UK or in the Republic of Ireland, we can have your tree shears with you swiftly.

If you would like to pick up one of these excellent tree shears, or any of the other equipment we supply here at Field & Forest, please get in contact with us without delay. We’d be delighted to get you clearing that wood in no time.

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